Senior Community Manager

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Senior Community Manager

TQ is a curated tech space at the heart of Amsterdam, founded by TNWWe help push tech startups towards exponential growth by providing our residents & members with the right community, events and facilities. Also, the occasional hug.

About us

A startup isn’t a startup unless it’s growing and expanding is hard when you lack the focus or experience to build, measure, learn and repeat. TQ is a space founded by industry veterans who help along the way. Whether it’s the incredible location, the passionate talent, the insightful events, or the amazing community. If you’re looking to grow your startup, TQ is the place for you.

To make sure we make this vision happen, we’re looking for a senior community manager to join our team full-time. You'll particularly love this position if you have affinity with technology, and have a passion for growing companies & entrepreneurship.

Your role

  • You'll do everything it takes to help support our startups. Since you've been part of a startup yourself, you'll be able to advise them yourself or introduce them to other mentors in your network or that of TQ. It's important that you have this experience, even if you still have a lot to learn yourself.
  • You'll be curating the community at TQ, by finding startups that could be a fit for our space or handling incoming requests to join us.
  • You'll work in selecting the right members for our member club on our top floor, so they can be an equal part of our community as an investor, freelancer, or other expert.
  • You'll work closely with the program team on developing events that fit our mission, and make sure they are aligned with the startups' needs. 
  • Another team you'll work with is our operations team who makes sure our facilities are run smoothly. Help them with feedback on what our residents or members need.
  • You're fluent in English. In fact, you might not even speak Dutch at all. Totally fine with us since our community is international, as long as you live here or plan to move to the Netherlands and have a work Visa.
  • You connect with the community every chance you get - in the hallways and during events. You want to get to know them, so you know which events we should organize.
  • Depending on your experience, this could be a senior or director level role, where you'll either be part of or manage a team of community managers.

In short, you’ll do everything in your power to help our community in TQ grow!

Our offer

  • You’ll have the opportunity to work at the heart of the tech community in Amsterdam and basically meet with the whole ecosystem of companies here. It’ll be the ride of your life!
  • We offer a fulltime position with fitting compensation based on relevant experience, market conditions and seniority. We review your performance every 6 months together as a team. This keeps you focused on what's important.

  • You’ll meet tons and tons of early stage startups. So if you plan to start a company yourself one day, or would love to work for one later on, this is the job for you.
  • You're in a role where you can pick your responsibilities and grow the skills you want to grow. We'll be there to support you in your personal goals along the way.
  • Our team will support you in everything you do. We've worked at all kinds of tech companies, from small ones to big ones like Google. We’ll teach you all of our joint experiences. Like, did you know our Managing Director can fold a frog out of a €10 bill? Amazing. But seriously, there’s over 20 years of experience in the house.
  • Did we mention it will be the ride of your life?