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Marketing Analytics & Research

Are you looking for an internship at the cross road of marketing and data/analytics. We might have something that will inspire you, read on! The Next Web has ±7 million unique visitors on a monthly basis and a big percentage of these reaches us via social media. With millions of followers on our social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn is there an incredible amount of data available on our performance. We’d like to use this data even more to our advantage to get better insights into what works best on social media. Why is a headline with a number working better or should we post at 10:10 AM instead of 10:09 AM. But also what does our audience look like, do we reach more marketers then we reach developers these days and what are their job titles. Enough opportunities for you to figure out and learn how to work with bigger datasets on who we’re writing for and when they come to visit us.


We’re always looking for new ways to grow our traffic and to engage longer with our users. It drives the business of The Next Web and all our different projects. We know a lot about our users. Every pageview will track of 60 interactions that you’ll have with it. All of our different tools generate a lot of data that we use to come up with useful insights for other departments in the company: editorial for their content strategy, events to find interesting people for our conferences, social to optimize for better performance and more reach and the sales department to provide them with more insights for (potential) advertisers.

Currently that means we’re working on daily basis with Google Analytics, Hotjar, Google Forms, Google Spreadsheets, WordPress, Typeform and many other tools to gather data and analyse + report on the results.

This internship will help us out in executing on these projects. On a Monday morning you might want to look at and help us out with last week's performance while later in the day Sales might need a report on the performance of campaigns for advertisers. You’re somebody with a deep interest in using data to come up with new ideas how we can improve performance across the company.

You’re curious, question the status quo and are always looking at data to find an answer instead of trusting your gut feeling on what could work better.

Some of the projects that we’d like you to work on:

  • Finetune our reporting efforts for other departments: optimize report cards, create new ones.
  • Audience research: Who’s our audience? What’s their education level, what are their interests?
  • Social Media: What content works better, at what times, why?

Along the way you’ll learn how to work with data that won’t fit into a spreadsheet anymore. This means it would be great if you could already use programming languages to deal with data and that you’ve at least heard about the tools that we’ve mentioned before.

We’ll guide you along the way and teach you about the online marketing areas that you want to get familiar with: SEO, PPC, Social Media, Web Analytics to make sure you reach your full potential. In the end we see internships as a two way stream, so we’ll both learn!

About you:

  • Unwavering passion for technology, start-ups, marketing and entrepreneurship.
  • You’re interested in learning more about online marketing.
  • You’re very ambitious, you’re the next generation's web analyst, data analist, marketing analyst / data scientist.
  • You can explain us the differences between a User, Session and Pageview.
  • You like working with numbers + you don’t get scared of A/B testing hypothesis.
  • You have experience handling larger data sets, you don’t get scared of 1000 rows in Excel/ Google Sheets. Preferably have you worked with Google Analytics and do you like working with SPSS.
  • Bonus: you have experience in back-end programming with languages like: Ruby, PHP, Python.
  • Bonus: you have used SQL before: SELECT `awesomeness` FROM `tnw` WHERE level = ‘amazing’;
  • Bonus: you have worked with R or other ways of visualizing bigger datasets, then we’ll become instant friends.

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We’d love you meet you! Hit apply and we’ll get in touch with you. If you have any questions about the internship, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Martijn either.