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Internship: Ad Operations & Sales

On a monthly basis The Next Web serves over 35+ million ad impressions to its 6 million unique users, probably growing to at least 50 million by the end of the year. As a publisher it’s of high need to make sure all of them are sold to the most relevant advertiser to make sure we keep both the advertiser as our visitors happy. But how do you do that at such a scale? We already know the tricks, but would love to have you support us on this to analyse the impact and revenue generated by the millions of impressions.

You will work on professionalizing our ad operations, setting up our reporting structure/framework to make The Next Web even more advanced in programmatic (display) advertising.

On a weekly basis we need to know how many impressions we’ve served to what advertisers but also to report to our advertisers. You’ll find out very fast that we could serve more impressions in India this quarter and talk to your sales colleague to get in touch with a couple of ad networks to see if we could partner up with them to serve a couple million more impressions there from next month on as a trial. Tomorrow you’ll send them a proposal to see if you can partner up with them and what they would need from us to get started as soon as possible. In the mean time you’ll have to report the performance to one of our account managers for one of our top clients, within the blink of an eye have you pulled a shiny report with the performance for them.

Who you’ll be working with:

Together with your sales colleagues you’ll be uploading the current set up of Google DFP and assisting them in monitoring the results for the campaigns they’ve sold. Our analytics team can help you in crunching the numbers in the right way to make sure you can report it to all the involved ‘stakeholders’. Next to that, you’ll be working with both the marketing and sales team to assist in setting up new partnerships with third party ad networks to optimize our revenue.

What will you learn:

If you want to work on the sales side of digital advertising this might be the right internship for you. We’ll both teach on the sales side as the more analytics side to make sure you can always tell your ‘clients’ about the performance of their advertising and help them optimize their campaigns. Interested in design? We’ll have the best designers already on board to create the most beautiful and best performing advertising campaigns. You’ll work with highly skilled people both in sales and marketing making it possible for you to learn more about: SEO, PPC, Web Analytics, Social Media etc. There a not that much internship opportunities to have a direct impact on the company as at The Next Web.


  • Work with our marketing and sales team in setting up new programmatic advertising deals.
  • Work with our sales team to set up new partnerships with third party vendors.
  • Analyze the results of internal and external digital advertising campaigns on The Next Web.
  • Monitor our set up of Google DFP and Google Adx.

Who are you:

  • Unwavering passion for technology, start-ups, marketing and entrepreneurship.
  • You’re interested in sales, you’re not scared to talk and/ or negotiate with people.
  • We don’t have to explain you what: eCPM, CPM, CTR, eCPC, CPC mean and how they’re calculated.
  • You can explain what yield management is to your family.
  • You have a passion for data, numbers, visits and engagement and not scared to work with them.
  • You know your way around Excel/Google Sheets and can tell us about at least 1 cool formula we don’t know yet.
  • You have an eye for detail making sure your work is always top notch.
  • Your English language skills are on a professional proficiency level.
  • You live in Holland – we work in Amsterdam.
  • Not required, but you preferably have experience working with Google DFP/Google Adsense/Adx or OpenX.

Preferred start date: As soon as possible.