Facility Manager Intern

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Facility Management Intern

For our tech hub in the heart of Amsterdam, we’re looking for a motivated Facility Management Intern to take our offering and overall service to the next level.


TQ is a curated tech hub in the heart of Amsterdam. We help push tech startups towards exponential growth by providing our residents & members with the right community, facilities and programming. TQ is founded by TNW, in partnership with Google for Entrepreneurs, Booking.com, KPMG and ABN AMRO.

With a community of startups building the next big products and services in tech that will change the world, we’re keen on providing the best environment for them to be able to flourish. We’re here to help startups grow, which means that we’re taking care of a bunch of operational activities, so the startups can focus on what’s most important to them: growth.

With your help, we can take our community to the next level. You’ll help shape the awesome vibe in the building and make a real difference in everyone’s day. With a passion for helping others, and a keen eye for details, you’ll provide a crucial role on the path to exponential growth. 

Your role

  • You will be a host to our community and ensure a consistent, high level of customer service to every resident, member and guest in the building. 
  • You will be one of the first points of contact for all types of incoming questions and errors from the community. You will deal with these at your earliest convenience, or make sure the right team members are notified to resolve any issues.
  • With a building of over 650 people, new people join and leave all the time. Ensuring everything is ready is a crucial part to running the community successfully. You will work with our facility and operations managers to prepare offices and make sure community members have the best experience possible on their first and last days. Oh, and everything in between.
  • This isn’t a desk job and you'll work with our facility and operations team to keep the building running as smoothly as possible and push it to the next level. For example keeping the entire office in great shape, actively assisting creatively and operationally in projects and making sure all the small (but important) things are in order.
  • You’ll establish and maintain orders of office supplies and manage stock control. Think there’s a better way to keep track of it all? Go ahead and improve the processes for these tasks and more!
  • You have a passion for startups. You can connect with the community as you understand the highs and lows of being in a startup, and you can’t wait to share the experience with them.

  • You’re an independent worker. You have the confidence to take tasks on and run with them, and are able to identify even more areas for improvement that weren’t laid out before you.

  • In short, you’ll do everything in your power to help support startups in our community on their way to achieving exponential growth. But don’t worry, you won’t do it alone.

Our offer

  • A full-time position as Facility Management Intern.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to work at the heart of the tech community in Amsterdam, where you’ll meet tons and tons of startups. There will be lots of opportunities to connect with other like-minded people.
  • With our diverse programming there'll be a lot of interesting events, which you're free to attend.
  • A role where you can grow. Your job title describes a lot of things, and we’d love to play on your individual strengths to see what it can mean for you.
  • Fitting compensation that keeps you motivated.
  • A team that supports you who’ve worked at all kinds of tech companies, from small ones that got acquired to big ones like Google. We’ll teach you all of our joint experiences.