Bar & Lunch Staff, TQ

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Bar & Lunch Staff, TQ

TQ is a curated tech space at the heart of Amsterdam, founded by The Next Web. We help residents, members and guests connect with one another in order to push tech startups towards exponential growth. That's where you come in.

About us

A startup isn’t a startup unless it’s growing and expanding is hard when you lack the focus or experience to build, measure, learn and repeat. TQ is a space founded by industry veterans who help along the way. Whether it’s the incredible location, the passionate talent, the insightful events, or the amazing community. If you’re looking to grow your startup, TQ is the place for you.

To make sure we make this vision happen, we’re looking for bar & lunch staff to join our team part-time starting December 2016. You will particularly love this position if you have affinity with people and technology.

Your role

  • Be the host of our café. The place where our residents find peace, great drinks and everyone in the tech community. You’re the host or hostess with the mostess, always looking to make things better for our guests.

  • With great power comes great responsibility. Uncle Ben was right. Be the responsible right hand of our cafe manager that we can all depend on. Together find the best way to serve our audience. (He’s a cool dude by the way. Seriously, take one look at his awesome hairdo and you’ll be convinced he is.)

  • Neat freak much? You’re someone who keeps things clean and tidy always.

  • Your mad coffee skills even surprise yourself. A killer espresso, an amazing cappuccino, all while making it look easy. It’s what you do.

  • Leave your RBF at home. Bring a professional attitude and be motivated to always work your best.

  • Connect with our residents and get to know them. You’ll be in touch with them every day. Help them grow and expand when you can.

In short, you’ll do everything in your power to make this the best possible experience for people in our community, and feel at home!

Our offer

  • A part-time job starting the beginning of December, in one of the best new locations in Amsterdam with an amazing rooftop terrace.
  • The opportunity to work at the heart of the tech community in Amsterdam and basically get paid to attend a lot of great parties and events. It’ll be the ride of your life, with fitting compensation that keeps you focused on what matters most.
  • Meet tons and tons of early stage startups. So if you plan to start a company yourself one day, or would love to work for one later on, this is the job for you.
  • A role where you can pick your responsibilities and grow the skills you want to grow. Your job title describes a lot of things, and we’d love to play on your individual strengths to see what it can mean for you.
  • In short, you’ll do everything in your power to make startups in our community find their way around, connect with each other and feel at home!
  • Did we mention there will be parties?

Are you excited to join? Don’t hesitate and send us your resume and motivation.