Totally Not a Growth Hacker

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Totally Not a Growth Hacker

TNW is growing, and we want you to help us grow better - Our Creative Audience Developer (Totally Not a Growth Hacker) will be an integral part of all parts of the editorial team, helping to establish strategies that bring our stories to more people.

The ideal candidate knows that there are different kinds of growth. There's growth for growth's sake, and there's growth that makes sense. We're are looking for someone who understands the difference and can help us achieve the right kind.

You have a natural grasp of the tools that give insight into the growth of our social platforms, you're aware of what platforms drive traffic and why, and are very willing to experiment with novel and unconventional ways of reaching new audiences.

Being part of the editorial team, you are aware that 'growth hacking' is a silly term, and you avoid buzzwords when talking about what you do. Affinity with (the creation of) avant-garde collage-type modernism is a pre. 

Our ideal Creative Audience Developer (Totally Not a Growth Hacker) is:

  • Based in Amsterdam or able to move on short notice
  • Proficient in the English language - but even more in statistics and data
  • Aware of developments in the social landscape with regards to media
  • Burdened with a fascination for the ever-changing world of technology
  • Capable of using all tools at their disposal to come up with novel ways of reaching audiences
  • Able to set up and execute experiments (i.e. A/B tests)
  • Skilled in analysis and reporting of data
  • In possession of a sense of humor, excellent team-working skills, and 3-5 years experience
  • Comfortable working in a fast-paced environment
  • Fun

You'll be tasked with:

  • Expanding our reach to new audiences (by geo, interest, age group), while developing the relationship with our existing audience
  • Coordinating syndication and social exchange partnerships with other publishers
  • Setting up experiments for sharing our content more effectively
  • Maintaining and developing TNW's brand on existing and new social channels
  • Running paid and unpaid campaigns for native content

Our offer
  • A chance to make your mark in a rapidly evolving industry
  • Flexible hours and an open vacation policy
  • Competitive compensation

Preferred start date: Yesterday

We’d like to see what you’ve done in the past. We’ll ask you to attach:

  • A resumé
  • Relevant work (campaigns, analyses, reports)
  • A custom image that represents how you work