Sales Intern: Ad Operations

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Sales Intern: Ad Operations

TNW (The Next Web) is a fast growing tech media company with a highly influential media platform, with over 12 million unique visitors every month, unparalleled conferences in Amsterdam and New York and a team that is building awesome new technology products.


Your role:

You're basically a modern day Don Draper!(From Mad Men) You will work on our state of the art ad operations platform, setting up our reporting structure/framework, and optimising campaigns for large multinational ad campaigns.

You’ll be keeping an overview of the complete TNW ad inventory, which means you’re the go to person for sales when they need to know what they can and can’t sell. On a weekly basis we need to not only know how many impressions we’ve served to what advertisers but also report to our advertisers how their campaign is performing and use available information to optimise them. 

What will you learn:

If you want to work in digital advertising this is the perfect internship for you. You’ll be learning the fundamentals of modern day advertising by being responsible for the operations and the analytical side of AdOps. You’ll work with highly skilled people both in partnerships and Programmatic making it possible for you to learn more about: Digital Advertising, Sales, Web Analytics, etc.

This unique internship offers the chance to directly impact the company you are with it and have a lot of fun in the process.

Your responsibilities:

  • Work with our Programmatic Manager to optimise inventory
  • Set up direct display campaigns
  • Work closely with clients on reporting and optimizing Ads Analyze the results of internal and external digital advertising campaigns on The Next Web.
  • Monitor Pubmatic organization of line items.

Our AdOps Intern is:

  • A fun regular at our legendary vrijmibo’s
  • Not afraid of a challenge
  • Technology, marketing and advertising are your middle names (you have a weird heritage)
  • Eager to learn about the ins and outs of digital advertising: eCPM, CPM, CTR, eCPC, CPC means and how they’re calculated.
  • Learn about yield management
  • You feel comfortable with data and numbers; mad skills in Excel/Google Sheets
  • You have an eye for detail 
  • Your English is top notch 
  • You live in Holland – we work in Amsterdam.

Preferred start date: As soon as possible.